3D Printing: Big Business or Big Hype?

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3D printing is inevitable for reprographic companies

Once you understand just a few simple guidelines, offering 3D printing can be as easy as sending your customer's 3D print file to a 3D printer just the same as you send a plot file to a plotter. I represent Mcor 3D printers for the state of Florida. Mcor 3D printers use the key elements that all reprographic companies are already familiar with... Paper & Ink. I encourage everyone to come see our 3D printers in action at the "Graphics of Americas" expo in Miami Feb 27th - March 1st. You will not believe it's paper! www.allaxis3dprinters.com

Alex Lorenzo - CEO ALLAXIS 3D Printers more than 3 years ago

Good Article

Nice to see a realistic article without any spin.

David B. more than 3 years ago

Thank you!

Ed, fantastic article, keep 'em coming!

Joel Salus more than 3 years ago

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