The 8 Biggest Stories of the Year in Reprographics

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Two other significant happenings in 2014

First one: HP's announcement of its PageWide wide-format print technology. My guess is that HP PageWide wide-format print technology, once it actually finds its way into the market, will prove to be a game changer, affecting sales of wide-format equipment going forward and affecting pricing for large-format b/w and color printing/copying services. As I've opined before, HP PageWide wide-format is not just "evolutionary", but "revolutionary" technology!

Second one: the "rebirth" of the IRgA. By the summer of 2012, IRgA membership - and activity on - had ground to a halt; membership was at an all time low. Because of the efforts of Ed Avis during the year 2014, the IRgA was "reborn". Membership grew, sponsors climbed on board, a convention was held for the first time in years, and the IRgA web-site, today, is an amazing piece of work, attracting visitors from around the globe. My "hat's off" to Ed Avis for his hard work and outstanding efforts on behalf of the IRgA and the reprographer community!

Joel Salus more than 3 years ago

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