The Art of the Upsell: Tips to Maximize Each Sale

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A different way to look at this "rule"

I don't agree with what was said here:

"Another “rule” about upselling is that you should always wait until you have all the necessary information for the main sale before attempting to sell something extra – don’t risk that primary sale. Furthermore, experts advise that an upsell should not exceed 25 percent of the cost of the primary sale. That figure seems to be a subconscious threshold in the buyer’s mind."

Quite often, A/E/C customers expressed an interest in "buying" or "leasing" wide-format (and other) equipment. Rather than "just" give them quotes, we ALWAYS took these inquiries as opportunities to introduce them to our FM program; a program where they could acquire the equipment without having to purchase or lease - a program that would be far more favorable to them than purchasing or leasing. I never looked at that as "up-selling", but, rather, as "educating" our customers (or prospective customers) about a better way to fulfill their needs. Just an off the cuff estimate - but we probably converted 80-85% of those opportunities. We did not sell or lease a lot of wide-format equipment, even though we could have, but we did do a LOT of FM's. And, our FM's were more profitable to us. And, more beneficial to our customers!

Joel Salus more than 3 years ago

Good point, Joel.

Good advice, Joel. I guess there are exceptions to every rule! more than 3 years ago

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