“All PDFs Created Equal” Effort Moving Ahead

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PDF or Paper... they both require Information Management Services!

A "paperless" worksite is an opportunity for the Reprographics industry, unless they sit back and allow some other entity to eat their lunch!

I agree with Mr. Rowe's comment (from the initial article dated October 10, 2013) that the IRgA, and it's members, establish it's own initiative for taking the lead on “Information Management” requirements for construction projects.

For over a century the reprographics industry has been the trusted vehicle for providing project communications throughout all project team members, throughout all phases of a project. One of the reasons this model worked is because the reprographer was a third party consultant that was not influenced by other contractual requirements. This allowed the reprographer the ability to support all project stakeholders without bias.

The contractor's “All PDFs Created Equal” initiative requires the designers coalition to embrace the contractor's requirements by champion change within their own industry (which is bound to have it's own set of challenges). The intentions may be good but the model perhaps is flawed. The solution is within the industry's “Information Management” model (as a whole) that is developed to support all project team member's, throughout all phases of a facility's life cycle, and not just the contractor's project management needs (which by the way probably still accommodates for both PDF's & paper prints on a jobsite).

The “Information Management” role is becoming a recognized solution for integrated electronic communications throughout a facility's life cycle. The reprographic industry is the natural service provider however a “blueprint” (sorry couldn't resist) is required for establishing industry standards and educational requirements... In my opinion this is an opportunity for the IRgA to help get these establish so that their membership can start billing for "Information Management" services rather than feel threatened by.

Mark Mathias - Mathias Project Information Management Services more than 8 years ago


Some years ago, I tried shaking a few trees regarding a file standard. I think the crux of it will be the will of business to let a print and display "standard" to be a simple one without too many bells and whistles. Really, all we are looking for is proper display and print. We can all use native files too do the other jobs we want them to do. I need to dig up my old notes. Hmmmm......around here somewhere....
But I fully agree with Mark's comments. Let's look at this as opportunity.

Steven Ullmer more than 8 years ago

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