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Metro Drawing Tubees

Looking for the metro drawing tubes, any idea if you will re-stock?

Dave 26 days ago

Sorry to hear

Back in 1980s I worked closely with Alvin. Put many outstandning products in an art supply catalogues for California Art Supply and sold the catalogues nationally. Met with your rep many times as we worked out the products to be featured. Quality products. N is im a framers shop mgrs for Michaels and those straight edges are key tool in my ahop

Kim Ratzel 65 days ago

Replacement parts

Will Alvin be sourcing out replacement parts for their parallel guides? (e.g. former part no: SEK15 - Alvin Para-Liner Straightedge Replacement End Cap Kit with Knobs)

Christopher 148 days ago

Graph paper-Tri scales

Do you know when drafting supplies will be available to order? We are getting low and have not found a new wholesale supplier.

JM 168 days ago


Alvin is working on restocking products now (May 2021) and should have wholesale programs in place mid year. Feel free to contact us at

Brett (Alvin GM) 161 days ago

Alvin Vyco Drawing Board Cover

Will you carry the Alvin Vyco Drawing Board Cover for a 60" table?

Jack Carlson 196 days ago


The new Alvin Drafting did not retain the distribution rights to VYCO. The company that sells the board cover can be reached at

Brett 161 days ago

Cutting mats

When will the 48”x96” self healing cutting mats be available again?

Mary Holzer 202 days ago

Cutting Mats

The large cutting mats will not be back in stock until early late Q3, even early OCT with the slow downs in supply chain. But they will be back in stock!

Brett 161 days ago

Reducing lens

Any way of buying a handheld "reducing lens"?

Mike Haisell 206 days ago

Reducing Lens

Alvin does not carry a reducing lens any longer. There are only few companies left that make those. I would search in Germany and Italy. Those were the last couple of supplier I saw that carried them. You might also look into photography stores. An optics company might still produce, or a binocular company. Good Luck.

Brett 161 days ago

2mm E Leads

Any hope of seeing E plastic leads for mylar returning?

Paul F 211 days ago

E leads

We don't have plans for our first wave to produce leads. I am not sure where to look for those - I think Kimberly (General Pencil) or Prismacolor has a line.

Brett 161 days ago

Elite Drafting Table

Will the Elite drafting table be available again? I know that it was made in Italy and we had purchased one last year but it was delayed and then had to be refunded because Alvin went out of business. We are very interested in purchasing, please advise.

C. Moore 221 days ago


Alvin will not be producing the Elite table any longer. The Italian company who produced for Alvin still makes some high quality drafting tables. Company is Technostyl in Italy. I think their website has an English version. Good Luck!

Brett 161 days ago


I've been trying to buy U.S. scales for my TOM drafter for years. and I cannot find them anywhere. What a shame. I sincerely hope this is an item that is now, or will be available.
IN PARTICULAR... 1/4" Scales - 12" long. I would LOVE some direction after so long looking.
... Thanks and Best of Luck to you!!

Lt. Dan 228 days ago

Tom Machine

Hello, Although Alvin will be returning to the marketplace, we will not carry the Tom drafting machine or replacement parts. That machine was made for Alvin by a company out of Italy -Technostyl. They do carry replacement parts and their site is available in English as well as Italian. Good Luck.

Brett Bryan 221 days ago

Shocked and Delighted

In a matter of minutes, I learned that you had closed and then reopened. What a relief! My father was an architect in Providence, RI and, over time, all of his drafting tools became mine. So many of them were made by Alvin. I'll email you to put me on your mailing list.

Daniel G. Hill 228 days ago

Man graves

I wished you would rerealease a limited quality mad graves draftmatic. That'd be a cool kick off on renewed branding. I'm trying to buy the mad graves secondhand and cannot even find o e for sale that's how era they are in the pencil artist community, do you know where I could find one to buy at least? Looking for one brought me here

Ryan maynard 236 days ago

Man graves

Sorry typo, Mab Graves

Ryan Maynard 236 days ago

Mab Graves

Hi Ryan,

That was a limited edition project with Mab Graves. Unfortunately pens and pencils aren't an item that can be produced quickly or in limited quantities. Pen runs are usually 10k pieces and up. That said, we do have plans to work with Mab again and we have some new pencil designs in the works for 2022.

Brett Bryan 230 days ago

Parallel Glider

I hope you bring the Parallel Glider back. The plastic alternatives are unacceptable. I’d rather go on EBay and by an antique maritimer rolling ruler and somehow mount a scale to it before I buy that flimsy and unreliable crap. The Alvin PG is obvious preferred!

Flint 248 days ago

Alvin Parallel Glider

The Alvin Parallel Glider is scheduled to be back in stock this spring. Same quality, same manufacturer.
GM Alvin Drafting

Brett Bryan 245 days ago

Cutting mats

Will the cutting mats be one of the products you continue to sell?

RitaL. 286 days ago

Cutting Mats - Yes

Our entire line of cutting mats will be returning. Many sizes are available now at our Amazon store and will be at our wholesalers this Spring. We are also working with the same manufacturer, so no change in standards or quality.

Brett Bryan 249 days ago

Fantastic News

Love Alvin's pens. Really great to hear the brand will live to see another day. 309 days ago

Alvin Pens

Thanks for the kind words. We are excited to be continuing the brand as well. We also have some new products that we will be bringing out later in the year as well.

Brett Bryan, Alvin GM 249 days ago

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