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Parallel Glider

I hope you bring the Parallel Glider back. The plastic alternatives are unacceptable. I’d rather go on EBay and by an antique maritimer rolling ruler and somehow mount a scale to it before I buy that flimsy and unreliable crap. The Alvin PG is obvious preferred!

Flint 5 days ago

Alvin Parallel Glider

The Alvin Parallel Glider is scheduled to be back in stock this spring. Same quality, same manufacturer.
GM Alvin Drafting

Brett Bryan 2 days ago

Cutting mats

Will the cutting mats be one of the products you continue to sell?

RitaL. 44 days ago

Cutting Mats - Yes

Our entire line of cutting mats will be returning. Many sizes are available now at our Amazon store and will be at our wholesalers this Spring. We are also working with the same manufacturer, so no change in standards or quality.

Brett Bryan 7 days ago

Fantastic News

Love Alvin's pens. Really great to hear the brand will live to see another day. 66 days ago

Alvin Pens

Thanks for the kind words. We are excited to be continuing the brand as well. We also have some new products that we will be bringing out later in the year as well.

Brett Bryan, Alvin GM 7 days ago

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