Bay Area Printing: Diving Into Color

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The Changing face of Reprographics

Stephanie, you and you team made a wise investment hiring David Goetter. I've had the privileged working with David at my shop. What we learned from David not only helps us save money, but also generate new revenue streams we had not uncovered before. Having taking that step into the much large world of large format printing, you will enjoy the challenges now. David is a great teacher and mentor who enjoys helping people learn. That type of expertise and experience David brings is well worth it and in the end you will become a better, leaner and more profitable business.
Stephanie I look forward to hearing about how much your business has changed since December.

Kyle Batsford more than 5 years ago

Great Story on changing business model

Stephanie and Mike, This is a classic story in the changing business model we've experienced industry wide. Signage then evolves a new opportunity as well. All the Best.

Bob Roperti more than 5 years ago

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