German Reprographics Association Celebrates 100 Years, Changes its Name

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How are business conditions - in the reprographics marketplace - in Germany?

To Ed,

Was there any discussion about business conditions in Germany? How are reprographers doing, sales-wise, in that country?

Does the German Reprographics association publish any sort of business conditions index?

Joel Salus more than 8 years ago

German Business Conditions

Hi Joel - From my conversations with individuals, the situation seems quite similar to ours. Paper printing is down substantially, so the firms are seeking new markets. Membership across all the European repro associations is down. As far as I know, the association does not publish a business conditions index. Achim Carius, the leader of the German organization, has indicated his willingness to come to the joint ERA/IRgA convention in Baltimore in April, during which he will give a presentation on conditions in Europe.

Ed Avis more than 8 years ago