Sol Magid Honored with Mike Duff Award from ReproMAX

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A true Gentleman

Sol, many years ago I worked for Jim Smith at Ford Blueprint. I had the honor of meeting you and sitting with you on one of those occasions. You asked me if I would like to come to New York and look at your operations. I thanked you, but continued in California and enjoyed a very successful career as President of Ford Graphics and eventually retired from Commercial Graphics when they were acquired by ARC. The reason I am writing you is to let you know that you were one of the few men in our industry that impressed me with you ethics, style, and vision in the old days when it was dog eat dog and heavy drinking. Congratulation's to a real true gentleman. Bob Decker

Bob Decker more than 6 years ago


Well deserved, I'm sure. All the best, Sol!

Ruby (Johnson) Silvious more than 7 years ago

Well Deserved!!

A great honor for a fine man. A great person to learn from about the printing industry from day one of my years at NRI. I wish you all the best!

John Farley more than 7 years ago


I had the pleasure to work with Sol in various capacities during my career - as an associate in both Mini-Max and ReproMAX, as a fellow board member of the IRgA in 1985-6 and finally as an employee at NRI - Washington, DC for several years prior to my retirement in 2005. Knowing Sol has been one of the highlights of my career in the reprographics industry and I feel I am a better person for it. Sol, if you read this, please accept my Thanks and my congratulations!

John Zeller more than 7 years ago

Thank you.

Thank you John. I have a lot of fond memories of those days when we worked together. We got a lot done, learned a lot and had fun at the same time. My best. Sol

Sol Magid more than 7 years ago

About ReproMAX

About 20 years ago I retired from the Repro business but during those years I have often had fond memories of Sol. The 1980's was a time when rapid growth and change was occuring and their was no question that it was Sol who was leading the movement. Thank you Sol for the many things you shared with me, Carich and our association.

Richard (Dick) Wittrup, more than 7 years ago

Congratulations, Sol !!!

Nothing short of a FANTASTIC choice for the Mike Duff Award! I consider Sol one of my mentors, as I learned a lot from him, especially about how to pursue the FM business, during the years I was active in the reprographics business. I had the pleasure of joining Sol (and Bob Neely, Paul Koze and Dick Wittrup) for a 1984 "technology discovery" trip to England, where we discovered the Harper-Tunstall RC 50/200. (Sadly, that machine failed miserably, but nothing venture, nothing gained.) Sol was unable to go with us on the next leg of the trip to Germany, where we "discovered" the Meteor-Siegen line of automatic diazo printers, since he had to return home. In England, he will remember that Paul Koze asked the pub barmaid for ice for his beer (a request that got a frown, and a response that "we don't drink our beer ice cold in England.) The beer in Germany was not only better, but ice cold. Anyway, congrats to Sol for the Duff Award.

Joel Salus more than 7 years ago

Thank you.

Joel- Thanks for the compliment, kind words and stirred memories but did you have to bring up the RC 50/200? Except for those boat anchors we got a lot accomplished and had a lot of fun on our trips to London, Holland and Hanover. You even managed to return from one of them with a vintage Mercedes. Best regards. Sol

Sol Magid more than 7 years ago