Color CAD: Is the Tipping Point Near?

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Another tipping point

Once the CAD market starts producing content primarily for viewing on tablets and screens instead of paper, color will be essential. That will drive the conversion to color printing and cost will be less of a factor.

Randy Watterson more than 7 years ago


Ed, a good article prompting us to do a marketing piece.

Nancy Knight more than 7 years ago

Outstanding article

Another outstanding article(!) from Ed Avis, the IRgA's Managing Director.

One question: Did Erik Norman (of RTI) misstate the cost of paper, where he said, "add a nickel per sq ft for paper"? Last time I looked, the cost of plain bond paper was a bit more than $.01 per sq ft. Also, if "a lot" of repro shops are selling b/w prints at $.15 per sq ft, reprographers would be making tons of money. The question is, what's the average per sq ft selling price? At large reprographers, I'd be willing to bet anyone that the average price per sq ft (for large-format b/w CAD printing) is less than $.10 per sq ft.

At the HP Premiere Event in San Diego (where HP announced its PageWide technology for wide-format printing), HP made it a point to have in attendance a bunch of folks who write about CAD (CAD management, CAD software, CAD production, etc.) HP did that specifically so that those analysts and writers would flood the A/E market with news of HP's incoming, disruptive, game-changing print technology. A quick Google-check on the Internet and you will see that the analysts and writers are doing just that. Reprographers may be resist change (from b/w set printing to color set printing) because of capex issues and because of pricing and margin issues, but as A/E customers begin to demand more color sets and fewer b/w sets, the change will have to happen, reprographers will have to buy into the change. In other words, buy-in will not be an option, it will be required. Don't be surprised if, just a few years from now, most drawing sets are printed in color rather than in b/w, and, don't be surprised when you hear that some reprographers are offering color sets for less than $.10 per sq ft.

Joel Salus more than 7 years ago

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