Cross Rhodes Reprographics: Making Money the New Way

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Elmer, it's refreshing to see your plan found opportunity where others weren't looking. You capitalized on the need. Congratulations and continued success.

Bob Roperti more than 7 years ago


Great article that demonstrates creativity in our industry is not dead. Those who look for new avenues of revenue that "do not involve printing" may find the challenges to be worth the effort. RFID tracking sounds intriguing.

Woodie Rush more than 7 years ago

Very Inspiring story!

My compliments to what Elmer has created, along with the foresight to create a more dynamic future. I think we can all learn a few lessons from what Elmer is doing.

Carl Byrne more than 7 years ago

Great profile article!

Wow, what an excellent write up about one of the industry's brightest (and still rather unknown) stars. To Elmer - best wishes for continued success!

Joel Salus more than 7 years ago

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