How Can Repro Shops Benefit from New HP, Memjet, KIP Printers?

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Good information however without factoring the potential volume of color printing this information is incomplete. The OAEC industry will never again see the print volumes of a decade ago and therefore pricing color technical printing anywhere close to the established monochrome prices is a poor business decision. I'm hoping we have all learned from the past by not letting the manufacture influence our ability to price these services accurately in the market. And sorry Mr. Donigain (from Canon/Oce) I have to disagree with your analysis, excepting 25% less return on 500% more work is not going in the right direction. Let’s be honest with ourselves; color technical printing for the OAEC industry presents only a window of opportunity not a sustainable 21st century business model based on unrealistic growth of print volumes.

Mark Mathias more than 5 years ago

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