Digital Glossary: Reality Capture

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Reality Capture

There is quit a bit of information available on Reality Capture... Wikipedia defines it as: photogrammetry software which creates 3D models out of unordered photographs (terrestrial and/or aerial) or laser scans without seams. The most common fields of its current use are cultural heritage (art and architecture), full body scanning, gaming, surveying, mapping, visual effects (VFX) and virtual reality (VR) in general.

For the purpose of narrowing this term to be specific to deploying such services to the building industries I might take this approach: The activity of quickly and cost effectively collecting the best, most accurate data about built environments using photographic, 2D techniques and 3D scanning technologies. This data is generally processed using a variety of software to document, plan and/or augment existing spaces throughout the various phases of a facility's life-cycle.

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