Does Repro Work Trend with AEC Work Anymore?

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Just a clarification, as to this sentence that appeared at the end of the article...., "So I guess the jury is still out. Salus’ feeling that digital printing has hurt traditional reprographics is definitely confirmed", it's not my opinion that digital PRINTING has hurt traditional reprographics; it is my opinion that DIGITIZATION has hurt traditional reprographics.

Joel Salus 355 days ago


Thank you for that clarification, Joel. I've changed it in the story. 355 days ago

Printing in color

I second that request - it seems as though the interest isn't there to get plans in color. What have others had success with getting them to switch?

Mark 359 days ago

Plans in Color - Good Topic

We have written about the trends in color plans, but it's been a few years, so we can definitely do so again. Here are links to a couple of past articles on the topic: 355 days ago

Color Plan Sets

What is the secret to getting customers to print plans in color?
Can we discuss this in a future article?

Madeline Wilson 359 days ago

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