Have a Used Wide-Format Printer to Sell? Listen to Tom and Harry

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HP Scitex 11000

Not working large format printer for sale, if interested please get in touch at +91 6427490074, or at asuri@mcpindia.net

Arvinder Suri more than 1 year ago

used HP Designjet Z2100 printer For sale

If interested in details, email me at printer@bakerb.com

Alex more than 1 year ago

Epson S70670 for sale

Excellent condition. Still under warranty. Only 9588 sq ft. New print heads installed in 202. Includes supplies. $8900 OBO. Brettislucky at gmail.com

Brett Weiss more than 1 year ago

Epson surecolor 40600

Upgraded to the Epson 80600 , looking to sell the 40600 , less then 3 years old. Flawless
Includes inks and a few starter rolls
Please message me at jcastillodesigns91@gmail.com

Jonathan more than 2 years ago

Xerox wide format 6605 want to sell

My bussiness is in loss and want sell
Location Jabalpur madhya pradesh India
E-mail : tusharpaul2336@gmail.com
Phone : +916263844269

Tushar more than 1 year ago



PETER PURDY more than 2 years ago

Rolands - AJ-1000 and XC-540

I would like to sell these, any info would help. I am located in Omaha Nebraska.
Email = procut.jeff@gmail.com
Phone = 402-680-8384
Thank you Jeff

Jeff more than 3 years ago

Roland 545EX Print Cut for sale

Want to make room in our sign room. Needs 2 new heads. Also has the external dryer.
What's it worth to you?

Joe Philpott more than 4 years ago

Important resources

These two fellas along with Jon Lazar at WTC and Bob Aspland are great guys and valuable resources for wide format equipment dealers. We are all much better because of them. Thanks!

Tom Taubenheim more than 5 years ago

Important Resources

Thanks Tom - I appreciate your comments.
Bob Aspland 347 756 4322 info@bobaspland.com

Bob Aspland more than 5 years ago

Important Resources

Thank you Tom, that was very considerate of you. Feel free to check Jon Lazar and myself Bob Aspland on LinkedIn.

Bob Aspland more than 5 years ago

Contact info ; Jon Lazar - WTC

919-653-8333 - email ; wtc-wideformat@bellsouth.net

Jon Lazar more than 4 years ago

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