HP Announces Single-Pass, Wide-Format Inkjet Directed at Repro Market

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Why Announce a Year in advance?

HP's announcement does seem to be a blocking strategy. A company only does this to buy time because they are behind in development. Contrast this to any other HP launch: by the time of announcement, HP has all there ducks in a row. Just my observation...I've got no skin in the game. PS. Memjet technology, as cool as it is, seems to still have technical challenges to overcome.

Jerry Hill, Drytac more than 7 years ago

It is what Jerry says!

And, there's a precedent for this. I'm sure everyone (at least everyone except the very young in our industry) recall that OCE "announced" the OCE 9800 (and that machine did prove to be revolutionary and a game-changer) well in advance of setting prices, taking orders, and first shipments. If I'm recalling this accurately, there was about an 8 month lag. It will be interesting, for sure, to see if reprographers begin to hold back on orders for all large-format printing systems over the next year, waiting to see what HP announces regarding equipment pricing, operating costs, actual speed of output and availability. If I had 10 production centers and a bunch of FM sites, I'd, for sure, be "waiting to see."

Joel Salus more than 7 years ago

Operating cost

Different people may have a different take on what the term "operating cost" means. My take on "operating cost" is "all-in" cost, including the cost of media, the cost of ink [or in the case of LED devices, the cost of toner (and, if applicable, the cost of developer)] and the cost of "service", service including maintenance, repairs and parts. Down the road, when HP reveals all of the costs associated with its new PageWide printers, we'll have the opportunity to compare the "all-in" costs, PageWide inkjet printers with LED printers. HP's already said that its new PageWide printers will use "plain bond (uncoated bond) paper", which is the same paper used in LED printers. It's also my take that HP's new PageWide printers will revolutionize how reprographers equipment their shops and how those who offer FM services will equip FM's. For an FM at an A/E firm, one will no longer have to place two devices (an LED printer and a separate ink-jet printer), one will be able to satisfy the FM with one HP PageWide device. I, for one, am very much looking forward to the day that HP releases equipment pricing and operating cost information.

Joel Salus more than 7 years ago

HP's Announcement is a Bell Ringer

There's little doubt the HP announcement put competitors on notice. Future orders are definitely in jeopardy. HP's head-start and commitment to product development could well mean a shakeout on parallel to that of the 90's when Diazo died. Cost structure, as Joel points out, is the determining factor but also new developments. Memjet is emerging with the same broad market approach without a champion ready to make the same claims of ground shaking market dominance. The industry has strong players. I wouldn't under estimate Canon/Oce', KIP or Xerox since their business models have been based on equipment sales and service... not just ink revenue.

Bob Roperti more than 7 years ago

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