How Will Repro Go as COVID Fades?

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Tracking trends

There's NO DOUBT that the A/E Industry and the Construction Industry will both rebound. THEY ALWAYS DO. The only question is "when". I'm in Boston for the summer, and there is a lot of construction going on. That said, not all A/E firms are back at their offices. For those who are in the FM, MPS, On-Site services business, this latter fact is not good, for use of on-site equipment is fully dependent on people working at their offices. If we don't have a large surge, again, in Covid-19 cases, then, hopefully, everyone will be back working at their offices by the end of the summer or early fall.

We did, however, notice that, during the Great Recession, when A/E and Construction activities suffered massive declines, many firms in the A/E/C Industry moved more and more towards "less paper" in their design and construction processes. (The "digitization" of their processes caused the situation reprographers face, which is that A/E/C customers are printing "less per project." That trend did not go away when the A/E and C Industries rebounded.

And, this time around, a further "digitization" took hold.... more and more city/county building permitting agencies, in an effort to streamline their building permit processes and to reduce "touch points" (the latter an initiative spurred on by Covid-19), have implemented "electronic permitting". I've visited the web-sites of several building permit agencies who now REQUIRE that "plans" be submitted as digital files instead of plans being submitted hard-copy. Reprographers impacted by THAT change have seen a reduction in demand for printing "permit sets."

Joel Salus 128 days ago

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