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Student doing research project needs assistance

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from a student who’s doing a school project on reprographics.

Hi Joel,

I am doing a school project on reprographics and I cannot seem to find up to date information on the reprographics industry; its market potential, size, etc. So I thought I'd ask an expert like you for help.

Thank you in advance,


I did suggest to Alejandro that he visit the IRgA web-site and the Reprographics 101 Bog to find information about reprographics and the Reprographics Industry, and I also suggested that he read a couple of ARC Document Solutions’ SEC filings (those that contain information about the business and industry in general.)

If any of you have further suggestions for Alejandro, I’m sure he would be “all ears”, so please post them in the IRgA comments section.



Joel Salus more than 8 years ago

Archival media question

Good morning.

I have owned my repro shop for 30 years. We have traveled the Diazo to Digital highway from
Printed Circuit imaging to large format document scanning.

We are now running out of Photo mylar for survey plats.
Our state statues dictate Archival media.
I have a method to deal with this, but wonder what other states are doing to address this.

Thank you in advance.

Jim Nelson, President
J.R.Nelson & Company
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Jim Nelson more than 8 years ago

What should IRgA do for members?

To get our forum rolling, I'm asking this question to see what IRgA members would like to see from the association. Please give us your ideas!

Ed Avis more than 8 years ago

What do we want?

Well I would like to see a list of repro firms. Disappointed that I do not see it on this site. How about a list of members? For the association, I like the content on the site today. There is actually repro industry news and other more relevant info as it pertains to our business. Perhaps news on wide format equipment manufacturers and changes they are doing (ie. manufacturer changes with dealers). Maybe investigative feedback on 3-D printing from architects that use it and repro companies that use them and/or sell them, online service providers that compete with our industry, tips for insuring our businesses (ie. business insurance, medical insurance), industry surveys.

Tom Taubenheim more than 8 years ago

Good ideas, Tom

Thank you for these suggestions, Tom. You're the second person to ask about a list of members, and I'm investigating the best way to get that done. And I love your story ideas - I'll put them on the list!

Ed AVis more than 8 years ago

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