Is a PEO Right for Your Reprographics Firm?

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Reprographics companies wanting a less expensive PEO with the best service in the industry should look into Oasis.

Amanda Judd more than 8 years ago

Great article

This is one of the most useful pieces of information given by the IRgA in some time. This is beneficial information to help in the operation of today's repro companies. You obviously listened to your surveys. Well done. Keep it up!!

Tom more than 8 years ago

Thank you, Tom!

Thank you, Tom. We plan more like this - stay tuned!

Ed Avis more than 8 years ago

The educational support is very good

Our PEO offers our employees over 4,000 online educational courses. Many can lead to certification.
Business, Personnel, I.T., Software, Safety, Sales and many more courses are available.

David B. more than 8 years ago

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