Marbaugh: New Name Reflects Evolution from Blueprinter to Scanning Specialist

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Remembering even more

Well, I'm SO old that I can remember when the "first" Marbaugh operation (which, I believe, was called Marbaugh Engineering (even though it was in the reprographics business)) was purchased by IKON. Later on, the second Marbaugh was acquired by Global Imaging, itself acquired by Xerox. Harks back, a bit, to the older days when Xerox operated reproduction centers (XRC's, as some of you older people might recall.) Xerox, at some point (I think it was back in the 1980's) discontinued its reprographic center operations (except to the extent that those operations supported Xerox's OnSite (FM) business, which is, today, known as Xerox Business Services (or Solutions) (XBS.)

Joel Salus more than 5 years ago

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