More Value, Less Rejection: A Printing Sales Expert Says Value is in the Customer's Eyes

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A contrarian view

Dave, you're a good man, and you've helped my organization, but I would have walked out of that guy's office at warp speed. You can't allow your people to be demeaned by bullies that hide behind a purchasing desk, with their sunglasses and "World Series of Poker" hat on. That guy is not win-win and he is not win-lose, he is actually lose-lose. His organization will never get best of class solutions, just more of the same at marginal savings. In my company, everything is a case study. This incident would come up in a meeting, and the course of action would be that a C-level person (like me) would go over this guy's head. This does not work the majority of the time, but it feels really good!

Gene Klein more than 6 years ago

Gotta love it!

Great comments, Gene. We are supposed ot have fun doing business. Although we rarely did this, there were prospects we determined to not be worthy of our time and customers who proved worthy of being fired.

Joel salus more than 6 years ago

Great article, Dave!

One thing I'd like to point out, related to this article, is that, based on observations (of sales team members over a period of 40 years), it's my opinion that, if a salesperson can't deal with rejection, that salesperson should not be in a sales position, at least a "hunter" type sales position. Around 1976, we hired our first outside salesperson. One day, he asked me to accompany him on cold-calls, explaining that he thought I'd find the experience an interesting one. So, we went, literally, door to door in an office complex, nearby one of our production centers. At the end of the day, I said and asked him, "you were rejected by a lot of people today, although some did agree to see you. How does that make you feel, how do you deal with that?" He said, "you can't take rejection personally, if it bothers you, you can't be in a sales position; you've got to forget about the bad experiences and move on to the next call." He was an outstanding salesperson (we lucked out, imagine that, our first outside salesperson "a natural." He was fearless.

I've met Dave Fellman several times over the years. He definitely understands his subject area. If your company's sales program - sales team - isn't performing the way you think it should, want it to, then you would do your company a service to reach out to Dave for advice.

Joel Salus more than 6 years ago

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