New Life for Paper?

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Paper for conveying project information

Great topic, it is a vital subject to our futures. It is my opinion the HP Printer will change how printing is produced but will not cause anyone to print more. The MEMJET technology is cool, the RIP, stacking and consumables costs have yet to be field tested. I would hate to see anyone pin their futures on anything paper based. I agree the projects will never be paperless however they are quickly becoming paper-less. I know of projects we are on that have been mandated to keep the information flowing digitally and paper is to be only for extreme needs.

The real reason is not that paper is bad, although the manufacturing process is very hard on the environment. The real reason is paper is not accurate, it can be outdated one minute after it is produced and that creates risk. The explosion of tablets, smartphones and wide-format viewing technology will simply overpower any paper based workflow. The HP unit has the electro-mechanical machine dealers on edge, but again it is not yet been tried in the field.

Digital smart files are increasing every day, BIM, 3D-5D animations and smart PDF's require a digital device to work with them. I own a repro firm, I get the need to want to believe it is coming back-but it is not, the longer we don't embrace the future the easier for us to become even more irrelevant than we are today. I would love to see the IRGA sponsor focus groups to bring our industry together, have a real discussion of the issues and formulate a doctrine that leads us in the future.

When HP invested in the new technology the market was different and they needed a game changer, the problem is someone changed the game board and our pieces don't work as well. The HP will render older devices obsolete so it will gain market share from an ever shrinking market. As our companies provide expert file techniques, archiving and digital viewing solutions we remain in the game.

Kevin Rowe more than 7 years ago

Color blueprints

CAD software is all in color, it makes sense to print in color. AEC community prefers prints in color because it saves time & money in the long run. We reprographers need to encourage our clients to print in color and 200 to 300% mark ups certainly do not accomplish that goal. We need to re-think our approach.

Paul Fridrich more than 7 years ago


How much of paper printing was lost to technological changes and how much to a frail economy? As business improves, we may get a better answer. I've always felt that although paper took a hard hit, especially with the endless printing of bid sets, it’s not going to disappear.
There is a place for digital files and a necessity for paper. The trick is being prepared and balanced for both.
Good article.

Steven Ullmer more than 7 years ago

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