Thinking about Selling Your Repro Firm? Read This Advice First

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Selling your business

If you are trying to sell your business, you would be wise to listen to Joel Salus or better have in your corner. I recently sold my business and I know it would not have happened without Joel's involvement. There is such a long story to my experience that I won't try to share at this time, but I can not thank Joel enough or his wiliness to help me get through a bad experience and then bringing my business to the attention of an interested buyer. None of this would have happened if I were not a member of APDSP. I first meet Joel at a APDSP conference, were I attend his seminars. If you are planning to sell your business, read his articles, blog and go to the conferences. When trying to describe Joel's status in our industry to my husband I said Joel is a "Rock Star" in our business. Rock on Joel, again thank you!!

Shirley Shaw, Blueprint Express 163 days ago

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