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Consider creating a separate name or just a tag line for THE NETWORK of APDSP members. Tough task because most obvious ones are already taken, like DocShare, DocNet.

Paul Fridrich more than 5 years ago

Page 2 Marketing Good

This is a good idea to have a marketing kit for members. That is different and I can see using that to my companys advantage in a sales process or reinforcing our brand. I can't tell you how important that member directory used to be, both when it was hard copy and now digital. I am pleased to see a possible upgrade of that. It has come a long way but still needs improving. That link should be front and center on the new website so the public or other repro firms can find qualified repro sources. That directory should have capabilities of the repro firm like type of equipment, if they are a dealer then what products, etc. It would be great for me to find an Oce' dealer for example in another city across the country. Canon and Oce' for example don't provide that info so having it part of this membership could be a nice selling point for the organization I would think.

Tom T more than 5 years ago

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