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Paul Fridrich more than 5 years ago

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I am a member of Epicomm. They had a great welcome packet but a stellar forum. It is vibrant and active which is most important. This is a selling point of Pier Group and ReproMAX so if it could get going here that would be beneficial. It would need to be very easy to use and I would think committee members would need to commit to using it regularly to spur growth by other members.

Tom T more than 5 years ago

Please describe Epicomm

Tom - can you give us some details about what makes Epicomm vibrant?

Ed more than 5 years ago


Real questions about day-to-day operations with real vendors or sales, just shop to shop help. I've got emails I could send you if you ever want to see how it works.

Tom T more than 5 years ago

Send emails

Hi Tom - Yeah, I'd love to see an example of these emails. Please send. Or post here.

Ed Avis more than 5 years ago

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