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Free Plan Roo mServices

I believe Joe under estimates the value of document management as a billable professional service. Encouraging reprographers to give away such a valuable service to gain commodity (print) revenue is bad
advice in my opinion.

John Lipari 152 days ago

re: Free Plan Room Services

Hi John! We have plenty of reprographers billing for the planroom as well. Our client base is big, there is no one single pricing model. The point of this presentation was to share trends we have _noticed_ among the most successful reprographers out there, whether we agreed with all of it or not. It's food for thought, not necessarily what we think every repro shop should be doing with every customer.

While we strongly urge clients to not give things away for free too quickly, we also encourage them to not be completely closed to the idea if it helps leverage a far greater value. That can sometimes just be good negotiating! As with most things, it is highly situational.

Thanks for your comment, always happy to chat further and learn from your experiences.

Joseph Szobody 152 days ago

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