Alvin & Co. Closing After 7 Decades

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I kept trying to find you guys on the net over two years ago. I was living in Vegas now in Houston. It was here that I found you again! Your products are superior to other companies. You will be missed by me especially. I have been an independent Artist for 39 years and loved your portable drawing and drafting tables! Unfortunately the list is long of things I will miss about Alvin! Thank you for being there all this years. I am 65 now but will continue to work till I die(had to explain myself to my friends that its a form of expression not a job ) . Again many thanks for y'all. Please stay safe and healthy. It can be a scary world out there but there's a lot more beauty!

New state new names. I have 18 different aliases already because of my daughter's friends or my neighbors.

Rachael Johnson/ I drew this. 41 days ago


Scott and I go back many years. I was with the company when they moved from Windsor to Bloomfield.
I would like to say thank you to a company that employed me during my college years during the summer.
At this time I drove by and did not see any cars in the parking lot.
I look up the number and called and found that the line was disconnected. Thank you for helping me
and supporting me through my college years.
Hopefully, you see this note.Thank you, Just a personal friend.

Bayshore Drive 195 days ago

Elipse Templates

I could finally got around to buying a full set of Large Elipse templates, 20 years after I finished my Product Design Degree - where I first saw them mentioned in an instructional book of Product Design techniques.

I'm sad to see that your company has now shut - I would have been interested in buying more related templates.

Brian N 247 days ago

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