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Reality Capture Services

As discussed on our call last week... we need to start to define some of the applications for RC based on our client's needs to present them as specific services that the members can relate to and understand how they can generate returns for these services. As I started this journey I had some expectations to the verticals that could benefit from what I thought RC services consisted of... within my first sales call I discovered that RC services can be more than 3D scanning and drone services and that panoramic images can be leveraged on 100% of every construction project (throughout multiple phases of a project). And because the cost of entry to get involved with this technology is so low, project stakeholders would be able to cost justify these services on most any project. We've been testing pano imagery solutions from and more recently I think this technology is still in it's infancy and can't see how the building industries could not adopt this technology into their standard practices!

Mark Mathias more than 1 year ago

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